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Centura Centers for Clinical Innovation

Expanding the Frontier of Medicine Through Innovation

Centura Centers for Clinical Innovation (C3I for short) is the product of a journey of coming together to apply a new and innovative way of thinking across our health care system.

The C3I is part of our "systems of care" focus that address the full continuum of health care needs and the many exciting new technologies across our system. From daVinci Robotic procedures to revolutionary cancer fighting non-invasive tools, Centura Health hospitals are on the leading edge of life-enhancing procedures.

“The Centura Health Centers for Clinical Innovation represent a coordinated approach to develop and deploy new and sophisticated health technologies across Colorado. Our focus is to ensure optimal health care value for all Coloradans by promoting and carefully balancing the cost effectiveness, quality enhancement, service excellence, and convenience of promising new health technologies.”

– Gary Campbell, CEO Centura Health

An Unparalleled Patient Experience

While we've always been a leader in technology and innovation, we've not harnessed the power of collaboration and coordination across Colorado until now. The first C3I specialty center will focus on robotics, and will enhance our technological legacy with a more uniform approach.

Patients will benefit by the:

  • Sharing of best practices
  • Coordinated services for patients and their families across Colorado
  • Increased physician collaboration and use of emerging technologies
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